Looking like Britney has RUINED my sex life

Looking like Britney has RUINED my sex life
18 Mar2011
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Kim always dreamed of being a pop star when she was a child. Singing into her hairbrush, she performed for her family and dreamt of fame. Little did she know her ambitions – and appearance- would make it impossible to find a boyfriend when she was older and even stop her from having sex for a decade…

● When Britney Spears released her hit song, Oops I did it Again, Kim first noticed people starring at her. With long blond hair, similar quirky fashion sense and a great singing voice, she often had people telling her she looked like Britney. But she never anticipated it being a problem on the dating scene.

● At 16, Kim had her first proper boyfriend, who fancied her because she looked and sounded like Britney. But the relationship only lasted a week. Feeling confident she'd find another guy because of her looks, Kim kept her eyes peeled for someone else.

● But she soon realised encountered problems. As Britney reached the height of fame, Kim kept being mobbed by the popstar's fans. Asked for her autograph on nights out, followed home and waking up to photographers on her driveway soon became such an issue that men wouldn't go near her.

● Pestered by other men on first dates and constantly approached in clubs, men find it a major turn off – and she hasn't had a boyfriend or sex in 10 years.

● She's since made a career of looking like Britney – but can't help feeling lonely.

“I really want to find a guy who's not put off by my appearance -and all that comes with it. Even if I change my hair or dress sense, people think I'm Britney and I don't think anything will change.”

“Now Britney's releasing songs again, I'm constantly being approached. I don't want to be famous, just want a boyfriend. I'm a slave to Britney but my love must be toxic.”

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