I'm a cheating man's worst nightmare

I'm a cheating man's worst nightmare
10 Feb2011
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Ashleigh had always been curvy, and spent most of her school days being envious of her skinny mates as they dated boys and had their first kiss.

After being cheated on time after time, she knew there had to be someway to find the perfect guy.

But after her heart had been broken a countless number of times, she gave up with finding love – and tried to get revenge.

She saw a character on a TV programme go undercover to try to make a girl fall in love with him, and that's when it hit her.

“I'll go undercover and see if my mates boyfriends fall for me… to test them, and see if they're really no good!”

She was over 15st by now and had 36D boobs, which the lads all loved.

Ashleigh's friend, Emma, was having a rough time getting on with her boyfriend, so she told her about the plan.

At first Emma was skeptical, but then realised it was a good way to see if her boyfriend really was a nasty piece of work!

Asheigh dressed up for school the next day and started chatting to Emma's boyfriend, boldly asking him for his number. To her shock, he gave it to her, and they met up in town for a date!

“He even touched my thighs!” she told Emma, disgusted.

They organised a few more dates so Ashleigh was certain of his motives before she told Emma what he was playing it, and on the fourth one he kissed her.

Emma couldn't believe it when Ashleigh told her, but she insisted it wasn't her fault.

The couple split up, and since then it's become Ashleigh's hobby!

Now she's 18, Ashleigh has a boyfriend who is 17. They've been together for about four months, even though she still acts as a honey trap for her mates.

But James is fine about it, and sometimes even comes along to watch! 


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