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10 Aug2010
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The Stories Listed Below are Urgently Needed.  We will pay you to appear in a magazine or newspaper story.

Just visit to tell us if you would like to get paid to be in any of these real life stories or features.  Send us your details by filling in our online form (located at ).

Also – please get in touch if you have any other stories that you would like us to consider.  We are looking for new story ideas every day. Your real life experiences and true stories could earn you cash; sell a story today.


Person or Story Wanted: Women who discovered their men were love-rats.
Where the story will appear: Sunday Newspaper Feature.
Info: We’re looking for a variety of women to talk about how they discovered their partners were cheating on them. Maybe they were suspicious, hired a honeytrap, found underwear in his pocket or saucy texts on his phone? Maybe she spotted a pic of them on the internet or he called out the wrong woman’s name in a passionate moment?

Criteria: 18-45, happy to be named and pictured and exclusive.
Person or Story Wanted: Stories for Christmas issue.
Where the story will appear: Glossy Magazine Story.
Info: Stories for Christmas Magazines wanted. Needs to Christmassy (clearly), happy, uplifting and emotional. Can’t be anonymous.

Person or Story Wanted: Women who have discovered their partner cheated with a pr0stitute.
Where the story will appear: Weekly Magazine Story.
Info: We are looking for women who discovered their man paid for $ex. They could have forgiven or dumped them.

Person or Story Wanted: Looking for somebody who turned to work in $ex industry after losing their job.

Where the story will appear: Newspaper Feature – Real Life Story.
Info: I am looking for case studies who lost their job in the recession and are now working in the $ex industry. They could be phone operatives, p0rn workers… anything like that.
Person or Story Wanted: Women in their dirty thirties!
Where the story will appear: Glossy Magazine Feature.
Info: We’re working on a feature about women getting more $exually adventurous in their 30s. Ideally We’d like a divorcee who’s found a much better $ex life with a new partner, a woman who was really body conscious and is now much more comfortable and knows what she wants in the bedroom. Then I need a woman who’s come out as g@y/bi$exual in her thirties!
Person or Story Wanted: Mum with a daughter aged 11 or 12 who is on the contraceptive pill.
Where the story will appear: Glossy Magazine Story.
Info: Case study needs to be British. Must be willing to talk about why she is happy that her young daughter is on the pill and how she feels about her being $exually active at such a young age.

Person or Story Wanted: Looking for some great real life stories for the next couple of ‘hopefully sunny’ weeks!
Where the story will appear: Newspaper Story.
Info: Juicy real life reads that will keep our readers entertained while sun bathing in the garden or still taking about the story when the get on the plane for their summer hols.
Person or Story Wanted: A woman aged 20-35 who has suffered with OCD.
Where the story will appear: Woman’s Weekly Magazine Story.
Info: The article is a report on OCD, intended to show how it is a very debilitating illness, often unfairly passed off as trivial and a bit of a joke. The piece will give a real insight into what it’s like to live with the disease on a day to day basis.
Criteria: The case study must be female, aged 20-35. It doesn’t matter if she is still battling OCD or has found a cure for her condition. She must be willing to talk frankly about the affliction during a short telephone interview and must be able to provide a picture of herself.
Person or Story Wanted: Urgently looking for superfans- fans who have followed a famous person for years and have pictures that depict this.
Where the story will appear: Sunday Newspaper Weekend magazine story.
Info: Pegged onto the beatles fan who is auctioning her collection of photos of her with the Beatles, we are looking for other superfans. Ideally, they’d have lots of photos of themselves with their idols – whether that is an individual or a group – from over the years.
Person or Story Wanted: I am looking for women who suffered from depression after getting married…
Where the story will appear: Woman’s magazine story.
Info: Many women experience the blues or get depressed after they get married because after the high, excitement and stress of planning their big day, they feel down at the realisation it is all over and have to get on with ‘normal life’.
Therefore, I am looking to interview three women for a feature on this ‘post bridal depression’ to talk about their experiences, emotions and how they are feeling now.
Criteria: No specific age required but I would like one of the case studies to regret how much they lavished on their weddings and maybe would have preferred just to have had fish and chips as now, they may be struggling to get a house or maybe have been hit by redundancy and are struggling financially. The couple will need to be prepared to be pictured.

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That’s it.  So get in touch if you think you could help with one of these magazine or newspaper stories.  We will pay you for your participation, so visit today and fill out our online form.

If you would like to sell a story that isn’t on the above list, just let us know, we are looking for all kinds of stories.

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