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22 Dec2010
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Famous Features Christmas Blog by Sally Windsor, Famous Features Editor

Well, it’s just days away and the Famous Features office is a hub of festive activity and excitement. Frankie is about to dye her hair to match the baubles on her Christmas tree, Isy has just moved house, and acquired a few more flatmates than she expected, Jo Burrows is sitting pretty with the in-laws, Ollie is ‘snowed in’ in Bath and as for Joe Mellor? Well, he’s sporting the kind of ‘Christmas Elf’-like haircut only a mother could love.

As for me, I’m looking forward to a madcap Christmas with my three-year-old daughter, her dad and my dad Bob, not to mention cooking my very first Christmas dinner for us all! Nervous, not much. It’s just like putting a chicken in the oven and sticking a few potatoes in, right? Perhaps more stresses will catch up with me nearer the day, but in the meantime I intend to relax, enjoy the merriment and watch a lot of rubbish telly!

From us all at Famous Features, thank you all for making this year an absolute belter for our ever expanding agency which, next year will see us taking over new premises, launching more websites and establishing ourselves as one of the UK’s leading agencies to sell your story.

Those who made it into the office...

Those who made it into the office...

You’ve been wonderful to talk to, and brought us tears of happiness and sorrow with your moving tales. Don’t forget where we are and have a very merry Christmas, and a fantastic 2011!

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