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15 Jan2010
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Karma, karma, karma, karma…come on and sell your story!

We all know what karma is, don’t we?

What goes around comes around…what comes up, must come down and all the rest of it.

Basically, it means that whatever you do comes back to you somehow. So, if you cheat someone, betray them or hurt them, somehow the bad luck will come back to you.

We marvel at karma in this office, where we sit selling your stories to the national magazines and newspapers. You wouldn’t believe the amount of karma stories we get though the door. Take Sinead McNamee, whose story will be published in Take a Break Specials magazine in March. She gave everything she had to her boyfriend when he told her he had no money. She covered his rent, paid for his share of a holiday to Kenya and didn’t pressure him to pay her back.

One day, however, she logged onto her online banking site and discovered he’d gambled away nearly £2,000 of her money on internet poker sites.  We won’t spoil the rest of the story for you, but needless to say, the rogue boyfriend was convicted of fraud and theft. And Sinead has now moved on with her life.

Sinead decided to share her story to warn others about the conmen lurking out there. And you could say that’s HIS bad luck is coming back to haunt him!

It’s exactly the same when a rape victim comes forward and tells their story. It’s not about the money, it’s not about ‘selling your soul’ – it’s making sure these people don’t get the chance to hurt anyone again.

Have you got a Valentine’s story from the past? Someone who hurt you, someone you’d like to expose? Famous Features is the way to put a story forward sensitively and in the way you feel comfortable with.  Or what about Easter? The family get together, still seething from the Christmas rows you had, and tempers flare. Have you had a fallout with someone in your family?

Selling your story could be the perfect way to get the story across to the people you want to reach out to, without changing any of the facts or breaking any laws.  Our journalists are all experienced and talented in the field of real-life features, and want to help you get the biggest and best deal for your story.

So email or call – we are waiting to hear your amazing yarns and help you sell your story!

Tell us your story here:  www.FamousFeatures.co.uk

Or call us on 0845 83 88 555

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