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29 Jul2010
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Festival Fever, by Lorna Gray

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘festival’?

Portaloos? Mudslides? Headline acts? The Great Unwashed? Good times? Or misery?

Love them or hate them, festival season is upon us.

I got my very own festival fix last month when I found myself surrounded by beautiful scenery, knee-deep in mud and watching one of my favourite bands ever.  I was at Rockness in the Highlands of Scotland, a little worse for wear and watching Debbie Harry strut her stuff on stage after what had been a fantastic weekend.   The traditional Scottish weather could’ve put a damper on the festivities as it poured down the majority of the time but in traditional festival goer fashion, we just got on with it.  At one point, I wore every item of clothing I had with me because I was so cold. I looked more Heather from Eastenders than the festival-chic  Fearne Cotton I was going for, but at least I was warm.

As veteran festival goers, we knew the tricks of the trade to make the weekend go hitch-free. We were stocked up with babywipes, raincoats and cereal bars.  So my friends and I had avoided any sort of festival faux pas but some people aren’t as lucky.  Who can forget the infamous ‘poo girl’ as she was cruelly dubbed after being stuck in one of the stanching Portaloos at Leeds festival last year?  And you don’t have to walk far to see some unfortunate person having a miserable time due to too much booze.

Or are festivals really the place dreams are made of?  Here at Famous Features, we want to hear all about your festival experiences.  Have you ever had a life-changing experience on one of those fields?  Maybe you met the love of your life… or even a rockstar. Or did your festival plans end up as dried up as last night’s leftover takeaway?  Good or bad story, we want to hear about it. Famous Features went down a storm at Glastonbury this year and now, we’d love you to share your festival story in one of the national magazines or newspapers for a great fee.

So get in touch with one of the Famous Features team today by emailing your story to sell-my-story@famousfeatures.co.uk, or call our story hotline: 0845 83 88 55.   If you’re lucky enough to have tickets for any of the upcoming festivals, have fun and don’t forget to look out for Famous Features banners!

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