Birthday Stories – Happy Birthday Brenda!

13 Aug2010
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By Sally Windsor, FF Editor.

Today is my mum Brenda’s 70th birthday. 70! She had me when she was 40, and I was always the one at school with the older mum. ‘Is that your granny?’ some of the other children used to say to me.   But I didn’t mind, in fact – I sort of liked it. It made me feel that my mum was special, which to me, she was of course.

Earlier this year, I celebrated my 30th birthday with more of a whisper than a bang. Not really in the party mood in the snow of January, I settled for a family dinner and a DVD, rock and roll!   Mum however, will be having an outdoors party this afternoon in the garden with cupcakes galore. Here’s hoping it will be a birthday to remember, for all the right reasons.

Of course, everyone has had the kind of birthday that has not gone so well. When I was 11, I tripped over and cracked my front tooth. Then there was the neighbour who set their own house on fire – on their 40th birthday. Can you imagine?!?  For good or bad, if you’ve had a birthday to remember, why not tell us about it?  If it was a day you’ll never forget for all good or bad reasons – we’d love to hear about it.

And if you’ve got a birthday around the corner, have a fabulous day – and don’t forget to send us a cupcake… buttercream icing please!

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