Women who nude model

08 Dec2015
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National newspaper looking for

Art model
Body double

to come for a paid shoot  (nude but private parts covered) in London off the back of this research

“PEOPLE wanting to feel better about their bodies should start
attending nude art classes, a study has concluded.

It suggested that men and women who have issues with their weight or
figure would benefit from the life draw- ing classes, which would help
them to explore the relationship with their own bodies. A study by
Anglia Ruskin University published by the journal Psy- chiatry
Research looked at 138 men and women who regularly went to life
drawing classes.

The participants, aged between 18 and 76, guessed how many sessions
they had attended over their lifetime. It concluded that women who
went more often had a higher body appreciation and were less likely to
have social phy- sique anxiety. Men were more likely to have higher
body appreciation.”

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