Urgently Needed – 29/04/2010

29 Apr2010
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Calling out all budding Gillian Duffy’s, Have you had it with Labour? LONDON PHOTOSHOOT £100 PLUS TRAVEL THIS SATURDAY.


The Sun Newspaper is looking for stories of people who have been failed by Labour. If you know anyone who has suffered from the case studies below please let us know.

Please be quick the weekend is fast approaching

The case studies we’re looking for are…

·         A parent who has lost a child in Afghanistan.

·         Someone who has lost a child in street violence – probably through a stabbing.

·         Someone who was made redundant during the credit crunch.

·         Someone whose business went under during the credit crunch.

·         Someone who had their home repossessed.

·         Someone whose child left school without the 3Rs or someone who did so themselves.

·         Someone who can’t afford the fuel duty when they fill up with petrol.

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