25 May2010
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We urgently need these stories right now…. (see story requests below).

Just go to to tell us if you would like to get paid to be in any of these real life stories or features.  Send us your details by filling in our online form (located at

You can also get in touch if you have any other stories that you would like us to consider.  Your real life experiences and true stories could earn you cash; sell a story now.


Story / Person Wanted: Please email us any funny / wacky / bizarre / feel-good / upifting stories.

Where the Story will Appear: Woman’s weekly magazine article.

Story / Person Wanted: We are looking for women who have been ‘functioning addicts’ in the past.

Where the Story will Appear: Woman’s weekly magazine feature.

More info: We are looking to interview women between the age of 18 and 35 who have held down a professional job in the past, whilst being addicted to a drug or alcohol. Perhaps they were addicted to cocaine – and had to go to the toilets to take coke at work – or perhaps they could only get through their working day by drinking a bottle of vodka.

Story / Person Wanted: Wedding stories – wacky wedding / weddings from hell / record- breaking wedlocks.

Where the Story will Appear: Woman’s Glossy Magazine Story.

Story / Person Wanted: Good first person stories.

Where the Story will Appear: Woman’s Glossy Magazine Story.

More info: We are after some good, emotional first person features and stories.

Criteria: Women aged mid 30-mid 60, family minded, very ordinary.

Story / Person Wanted: Victims of IVF Blunders.

Where the Story will Appear: National Newspaper Story.

More info: Responding to the news that IVF blunders have risen by 85 per cent in the last year, we are seeking couples (willing to be identified) who have been victim to a blunder themselves. Incidents could include, lost embryos, mis-matched eggs and sperm, embryos given to the wrong couple…

If you have access to anyone who has found themselves in this position, we’d really like to hear from you.

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