Story Requests – 21/04/2010

21 Apr2010
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Greetings, everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine, we certainly are!

We have two very special, specific requests for stories at the moment. Can you help us?

Let’s take the most topical one first: the volcanic ash-cloud ruining everyone’s travel plans.

We’re interested in your stories and experiences. Have you missed your daughter’s wedding? Or the birth of your first grandchild?

Even better, have you GIVEN BIRTH in an airport because of the delays?

Anything life-changing that has happened or been interfered with because of the travel disruption – we want to hear about it.

Don’t forget those pictures, of course – they paint a thousand words, and can be the difference between a story selling and not. We look forward to hearing your incredible yarns.

Now, for our second request. ANIMALS!

Here at Famous Features, we LOVE hearing about your crazy pooches, maniac cats and gobby parrots, and selling your hilarious stories to the national magazines and newspapers.

One of our favourites is Louise Gough’s story of the grand romance between her dog Duke, and her budgie, Simba.

Simba perches on Duke’s nose, lovingly picking the sleep out of his eyes, and tap-tapping on his forehead, as if she’s reminding him of how much she adores him. Sweet!

Real People snapped this story up, and it appeared in their Valentine’s Day special. Louise was delighted, and we loved writing her story.

So, if you’ve got a dog that you want as your bridesmaid, or a goldfish who you take out with you to the pub, or a hamster who plays with your poodle in perfect harmony – there’s cash for your story up for grabs!

Get in touch, folks: 0845 838855

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