Paid Story Requests: 21/12/2009

21 Dec2009
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Get paid to feature in these, or any other real-life magazine & newspaper articles.  Visit to submit your details.



Story/Person Wanted: Strong love rat stories

Media outlet: Newspaper Story.

More info: Looking for love rat real life story for 2010.

Special criteria: Must not have spoken to another national newspaper. Must be willing to be named and pictured.


Story/Person Wanted: Great real life features.

Media Outlet: Women’s Magazine Story.

More info: We are on the hunt for some really interesting real life features that can slot in between now and new year.  We are open to any suggestions whether it’s hard hitting, tear-jerking or inspiring. As always, it needs to have that extra something special about it that will really get the readers’ attention.


Story/Person Wanted: A woman whose addiction to crystal-meth destroyed her looks.

Media outlet: Glossy magazine story.

Special criteria: Woman, aged under 35.


Story/Person Wanted: Girls who’ve tried party drug Mephedrone (Meow)

Media outlet: Glossy women’s magazine story.

More info: We are working on a feature about party drug Mephedrone. After the death of Gabi Price (which was linked to the legal drug) I want to speak to other girls who’ve tried it. They’d need to have had a dramatic experience – palpitations / paranoia / hallucinations and be willing to warn others about the dangers of the drug.  Alternatively, we are looking for a girl who’s still using it happily, despite the risks.


Story/Person Wanted: Parents and young person to talk about drinking habits.

Media outlet: Daily Newspaper Story.

More info: We need a family (parents and young person, ideally in late teens) to talk about how the young person was given alcohol by their parents under the age of 15. And has subsequently turned into a big drinker.

Special criteria: Young person ideally needs to be 17/18/19 but early 20s could work.


Story/Person Wanted: Ant and Dec lookalikes.

Media outlet: Women’s Magazine Story.

More info: Must be dead ringers for the TV duo, with a good strong real life story too!

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