National Media Story Requests 27/10/09

27 Oct2009
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Another three story requests from the national media.

Get paid to appear in the national press.  Visit if you would like to take part in any of these Magazine & Newspaper articles. 


Story or Case Study Request: People who have had childhood illnesses as adults, such as measles or mumps.

Requested by: Daily Newspaper.

Story / Case Study Info: Do you know anyone who had chicken pox, measles, mumps, whooping cough as an adult? We are writing a feature about how these illnesses manifest themselves when caught in adult life and would like to do short telephone interviews with those who have suffered from them as adults. All enquiries dealt with in strictest confidence


Story or Case Study Request: Fatal Attraction – A man who has been the victim of a “Fatal Attraction” style stalker.

Requested by: Glossy Magazine.

Story / Case Study Info: He must be prepared to be identified and talk about how he met the female stalker, what type of relationship they shared, when and how the stalking began and the aftermath. If he has a wife/partner who went through this with him we’d like to talk to her too.

Story / Case Study Criteria: He must be aged between 20-35 and we’ll need evidence this happened – either by police reports, a conviction, letters, text messages or emails.


Story or Case Study Request: A woman who had a bad experience after meeting a man on the internet.

Requested by: Sunday Newspaper.

Story / Case Study Info: a woman who had a bad experience after meeting a man on the internet.
Story / Case Study Criteria: Must be 35 or under.

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