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19 Oct2015
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MTV Catfish UK: Would you like to appear on the TV show?

MTV Catfish is coming to the UK and we are looking for people to appear on the hit television series.  If you would like to feature on MTV Catfish UK, get in touch right now.

We are looking for people who think the person they have met online might not be real, people who know they have been scammed online by a fake person, and people who admit to not being  who they say they are online.

What is a Catfish?
Other than a freshwater fish with cat-like whiskers, a Catfish is often the term used to describes someone who lures somebody else into a relationship by adopting a fictional online persona.


We are looking for:

  1. Dating a Catfish online: People who have fallen in love with somebody online, but have some suspicions that they might not be who they say they are (and would like us to find out).
  2. Met a Catfish already: People who have been scammed on the internet by a fake person (and would like to warn others).
  3. I am a Catfish: People who admit to being a Catfish (perhaps it started as a joke, but now you’ve met someone you care about and are in too deep, or too scared to say who you really are?).


How to Apply

If you fit any of the criteria above and would like to appear on the show, simply contact us using the story valuation form on this page and include the word CATFISH at the top of the ‘Brief description of your story’ section.  May sure you include all of your contact details so that we can reach you.

Other Real Life Stories

If you have any other real-life stories that you think would make a good magazine, newspaper or television feature, please let us know by completing the two minute story valuation form on this page.  We will consider any story, and pay you the maximum fee possible for sharing your story.

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