Men pay me to blackmail them!

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By day Katie, 33, enjoys bossing people around as a project manager. But at night the orders she gives are a totally different ball game.

There’s a recession? Bankers pay me to blackmail them!

By day Katie*, 33, enjoys bossing people around as a project manager. But at night the orders she gives are a totally different ball game…

It was eight years ago when Katie, now 33, saw the kinky side to life.

She was friends with a fetish photographer who would beg her to give modeling a go.

Katie would always shrug him off, but one day a model didn’t turn up for an important catalogue shoot. Katie was begged once again, and this time she caved in.

To her surprise, Katie fell in love with the scene. She felt sexy and confident being the centre of attention.

More modeling gigs trickled in and she was fascinated by the people she met, particularly the full-time mistresses who earned a fortune bossing men around.

Giving orders was something she was used to – Katie works as a project manager.

Soon, she was invited to do a spot of ‘work experience’ assisting a professional dominatrix in her dungeon.

Katie was entranced. Walls were littered with torture equipment and suspension systems dangled from the ceiling.

Katie would watch slave sessions and lend a leather-covered hand where possible. Then, having picked up many tricks of the trade, she decided to go solo.

It took her nearly a year and £1000s to morph a house into her own private dungeon and kit it out with the latest gear.

Katie then started to market herself. And the slaves, many married, came knocking. Most are high-flying business men – bankers, lawyers, accountants.

One of Katie’s specialties is financial domination. She blackmails her punters!

Katie collects together sensitive information about her slaves, such as their wife’s name and number and colleagues’ email addresses.

She then blackmails them into doing whatever she asks, which could be taking her shopping, coughing up a couple of hundred pounds or sucking her feet.

To ensure obedience Katie sometimes takes photographs of her clients in compromising situations and threatens to unleash them on their loved ones.

She’s never gone that far though. Instead, the slaves would go home to their partners as if nothing had happened…

Just with £100s missing behind their backs!

Katie’s services are endless, however. She does bondage, watersports, gagging, and thinks nothing of when a slave wants to be treated like a dog and lap up a can of Pedigree Chum.

For years now Katie has loved her work. She charges around £200 for an hour’s play and some of her punters pay in monthly installments – some have been as much as £7,000!

Slaves even shower her with gifts. She’s been on paid holidays to Lisbon, Amsterdam, Italy, Switzerland, been bought a 60-inch TV and was even offered an Audi TT.

She had to turn that down – she can’t drive.

Katie has even received recognition for her sultry services. In a similar vain to mystery shopping, Katie was once visited by a secretive slave and ranked one of the top 10 UK mistresses.

It’s not all whip-cracking fun though. Katie admits that a lot of her own boyfriends have ran off after discovering what she does.

But she has no regrets, and is currently working on her next business idea – a fetish theatre where the audience can watch an act before getting involved themselves.

Katie says: “There are a lot of misconceptions about dominatrixes. We don’t offer sexual services, we just help people to explore their fetishes.

“I do everything, just nothing to do with children and animals.

“It’s an underestimated profession – it’s a therapy really and a form of escapism.

“I don’t feel guilty about seeing married men with kids, either. We don’t have sex. They just have a bit of fun in a safe environment.

“No one really spoke about it until 50 Shades of Grey, which was rubbish. It was very amateurish.”

*Katie is not her real name

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