I met my lover getting a new liver

10Dec 2015

Shelley was surprised when she went into hospital for a new liver and came out with a lover, too. Now Shelley and partner Wayne have got married and even spent their honeymoon competing at the British Transplant Games

Mum abandoned me … for a paedophile

10Dec 2015

Alison was just three when her mum ran off with her dad’s best friend. But it took another 26 years, once the couple had been tracked down and arrested, before Alison discovered the horrifying full story

Announced dead after motorway smash … but look at me now!

04Aug 2015

When Caroline collided with a lorry on the motorway and her car got wedged underneath she thought her time was up. Little did she know her nightmare had only just begun …

Forced to live as a virtual family

04Aug 2015

After flying to the Philippines to be with his girlfriend, Wayne, 39, couldn’t be happier to start a family. But he never imagined it’d be so hard to meet his little girl …

Victims of stalking

03Jul 2015

We’re looking for recent victims of stalking to speak out in a national women’s magazine.


01Jul 2015

Everyday tasks, such as picking up a spoon, are a scare for Sheree. She has a phobia … of metal!

No lighty, now likey!

01Jul 2015

Adele was on hit show Take Me Out when contestant Dave turned her down to date someone else. It wasn’t until months later the sparks started to fly …

Cosmetic surgery gone wrong

22Jun 2015

Have you paid £1,000s for surgery only for it to go wrong? If so, we’d like to hear from you and will pay for any printed story.

I’m finally walking … just like my twin brother!

22Jun 2015

For years little Jacob wished for just one thing – to be able to walk like his twin brother. Now, thanks to life-changing surgery, he’s stepping towards his dream …

Foreign love rat fleeced me out of £1,000s …

11Jun 2015

Tracy was hit by a £4,500 con but says her new Turkish toy boy won’t fleece her like the last one did

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