Media Requests: 27/11/2009

27 Nov2009
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Story / Case Study Wanted: Do you ever get over your first love?

Media outlet: Sunday Newspaper Supplement

More info: We’re looking for a case study for an article on first love.

Did you think you’d never get over your first love? But now you’ve found love again and believe that you can? We have case studies that are still with their first love and so need someone who believes you can get over your first love even if it takes a long time and have know gone to find love with someone else.

Special criteria: Women – twenties or thirties, Willing to be identified and pictured.

Story / Case Study Wanted: I am looking for couples who’ve spiced up their sex life in an unusual way!

Media outlet: Glossy Women’s Magazine.

More info: I’m working on a feature about couples and how to spice up their sex life in the New Year.

Ideally we are looking for a couple who’ve done something extreme – swinging / trying unusual aphrodisiacs or even making their own naughty movies. Any couples with spicy new year’s stories would be appreciated!

Special criteria: The couples need to be under 40.

Story / Case Study Wanted: Polygamous marriages.

Media outlet: Daily Newspaper.

More info: Looking to interview a polygamous family for a real life feature to tie in with the law change.

Special criteria: Need to be named and pictured. Ideally all wives will speak.

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