Latest Story Requests: 11/12/09

11 Dec2009
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Story Wanted: Inspirational Slimmers.

Where the story will appear: Women’s Magazine.

Story info: Women aged 20-35 approx who have lost weight and:

-Found their first boyfriend.

-Landed the job of their dreams. NB getting the job must not have been possible without losing weight. Eg becoming a teacher after losing weight would not work as it is possible to be an overweight teacher. The weight loss and job type must be connected.

In addition, we are also interested in any case studies of women in this age bracket who lost weight and it saved their life. Eg they discovered a lump which led to a cancer diagnosis.

All case studies must have before and after pics of their weightloss. We can credit any relevant organisation.

Special criteria? : Female. 20-35 approx.

Story Wanted: A girl/woman who was overweight and had no confidence to date. Lost weight got first boyfriend.

Where the story will appear: Sunday Newspaper.

Special criteria: under 30, good before and afters, boyfriend will be pictured.

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