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18 Aug2015
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This month we are looking for the following 26 case studies.  If you can help with any of these features, we will pay for you to share your story in a magazine article.  Simply complete the story valuation form on this page to contact us.

  • Obese toddlers (seeking parents to talk openly about battling with their toddler’s weight).
  • Bullied at school for being fat (whether yourself or your children; is your child still overweight, or were you overweight and have now shed the pounds).
  • Filmed being attacked (have you been the victim of an attack that was filmed an put on social media, or captured on CCTV).
  • Lost weight (8 stone or more).
  • I spoil my children (parents who admit they spoil their kids).
  • I spend my benefits on holidays (are you smart with your money? Do you manage to stretch to luxury items or holidays? We will pay you to tell us how you do it)
  • I am addicted to sunbeds
  • Victims of revenge p0rn
  • I am or was addicted to gambling (we are particularly seeking women who can share their experiences).
  • Under 18 who has had cosmetic surgery
  • Female s€x addicts who can openly talk about their addiction.
  • Females who are addict to watching p0rn and can speak candidly about it.
  • Women who prefer job to kids.
  • Victims of gumtree crime.
  • I was the victim of a love rat.
  • Botched plastic surgery stories.
  • Age gap relationship (are you in a relationship where the gap is 20 years or more).
  • Couples with k!nky stories
  • Women who have had an STI and would be happy to talk about their experiences.
  • Quirky/weird stories (do you have a story that would raise an eyebrow or a smile).
  • Memory loss – have you or your partner suffered from extreme memory loss?. Perhaps you couldn’t remember your loved one(s) or had years wiped from memory after an accident?
  • Stalking victims (have you been the a victim of stalking and want to offer support to others? Must be a conviction).
  • Plastic surgery transformations – have you transformed your face and/or body with cosmetic procedures?
  • Collectors (are you a collector? We’re looking for people who have incredible collections – the more wacky the better).
  • Wedding stories (did something incredible or shocking happen on your big day? All ideas considered including engagement, stag and hen stories).
  • Holidays from hell and injury abroad stories.
  • Eye-watering injury stories (have you been injured and have photos or videos?)

If you have any other stories that you would like to share with the national press, get in touch, or you can read more here:  How to sell my story to the press

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