Cash on offer! 21 new requests from national magazines

06 Jan2016
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It’s that time of year again when most of us are paying for December’s over indulgence and celebrations.  If you’d like to make some extra cash this month, maybe you or someone you know can help us with the following story requests? National women’s magazines and papers are looking for the following stories.  Please contact us using the Story Valuation form on this page if any of these apply:

  1. Victims of love rats, cheats or fraudsters.
  2. Women who suffer or have suffered with drink and drug problems.
  3. Bizarre phobias.
  4. Extreme cosmetic surgery or life changing cosmetic surgery.
  5. I use my benefits to go on holiday/get married/get plastic surgery (we want to speak to people who manage their money so well, or go without, so they can spend their benefits on luxury items).
  6. Victims of a s£x crimes or domestic abuse.
  7. I have been victim of internet trolling.
  8. I have a k!nky or unusual s£x life.
  9. My boyfriend is 20 years younger than me (or more).
  10. I am in over £10k debt due to Xmas.
  11. I want to put ON weight in New Year (do you buck the trend and want to pile on the pounds this year instead of going on a diet).
  12. I have found a long-lost relative (maybe through Facebook or something else).
  13. I was in a cult.
  14. I am racist and proud of it (we’d like to talk to self confessed racists about their views and opinions).
  15. Parents who will do anything to make their children famous.
  16. Mums who confess to really spoiling their children.
  17. Woman who is addicted to p0rn or something similar and would talk openly about it.
  18. I was the victim of a catfish.
  19. I’ve fallen in love with someone online and I think they might not be who they say they are…
  20. We were a rich family but now we are poor.  Riches to rags stories wanted.
  21. Unusual events that could make a news story.
If you can help with any of these stories, or you have any other story that would be suitable for a women’s magazine or newspaper feature, please submit your interest on our Story Valuation form.
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