31 New Paid Press Opportunities – November

03 Nov2015
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Here’s a list of all 31 of November’s press requests from the national newspapers and magazines.  If you can help with any of these requests, please contact us using the form on this page.  We can also pay £50 if you are able to refer someone else who would be suitable.

  • I’ve lost weight but I feel / look worse now
  • I think my on-line lover isn’t real (are you suspicious of someone you’ve fallen for online?)
  • I am addicted to p0rn (we’d like to speak to people who think they have an addiction to online adult sites – particularly women)
  • I work but I rely on food banks
  • An internet date led to sexual assault
  • I was rich… but now I’m on benefits
  • Funny/sad/weird Xmas stories (anything interesting and Christmas related)
  • My fella cheated on me
  • Victims of serious crimes
  • I wish I had never had children (we want to talk to parents who openly have regrets about having children)
  • Teachers who have had relationships with people they once taught
  • I am over 25 stone (we want to talk to people over 25 stone about their lives, the problems they face, and how they cope with being very large)
  • Woman victims or guilty of revenge p0rn
  • Woman who left her husband for a toy boy (and it’s turned out well, or badly).  In fact, we’d love to talk to any woman who is dating a toyboy!
  • Girl who binge drinks under 16 (we’d also need to speak to a parent).
  • Woman who has been affected by a family member’s murder (or loved one).
  • Woman who is addicted to video games.
  • Woman who was victim of s€xual assault or domestic violence and attacker was convicted.
  • My child is obese (we want to talk to parents about child obesity).
  • I go without..so my kids can have everything (parents who male extreme sacrifices).
  • I have caught an STI ( we are seeking people who can talk frankly about STIs and we’d like to know how it has affected you).
  • I suffered with an eating disorder.
  • Couples who have a kinky/extreme/extraordinary s€x lives.
  • Couples who have broken up due to dating ap Tinder.
  • Women who were the victim of the crime and criminal got a light sentence.
  • Women over 80 with great bodies.
  • Cosmetic surgery gone wrong.
  • Females battling with addictions (drink, d rugs, gambling, diet pills, prescriptions, s€x, etc).
  • I have lost a lot of weight (seeking inspirational weight loss stories).
  • Holiday, wedding, stag and hen stories.
  • Any real life stories that will raise a smile or an eyebrow (we will consider any bizarre, heartbreaking, funny or inspirational stories as long as they are recent and true).


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