Stories Wanted: 24/11/2009

24 Nov2009
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Here are today’s story requests from the national newspapers and magazines.  Contact us at: and sell a story to the press today.




Story / Case Study Wanted: Three generations of one family on the dole.

Media outlet: Daily Newspaper.

Story Info: We are looking for three or more generations of one family who are all on the dole.

Special criteria: They must have been made redundant during this recession and want to find work.  


Story / Case Study Wanted: Lottery winners

Media outlet: Daily Newspaper.

More Info: We are looking for untold lottery winner stories.  Whatever the story – spent all their money, still shop for bargains etc – we are interested in hearing it.

Special criteria: Must not have been in a national newspapers recently. If covered in a small way they won, this may be OK.  Must be willing to be named and pictured.


Story / Case Study Wanted: Women who solved their own crimes / caught their own attacker.

More info: We are writing a feature for a glossy magazine about women who solved their own crimes / caught their own attacker. There is a case study payment on offer and this is an ideal opportunity for women to mention the company or charity they have become involved with or launched since becoming a victim of crime, as well as sharing their story with over 300,000 readers.


Story or Case Study Wanted: I spend Loads on My Kids’ Bling!!

Media outlet: Sunday Newspaper Supplement.

More Story Info: We’re doing an article about ‘bling’ kids like Suri Cruise and Kai Wayne Rooney. We’re looking for a case study of a mum who spends a fortune on her kids in designer boutiques.

Special criteria: Mum must be willing to be identified and talk openly about what she spends on her kids.

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