Told my gran was dead…but she wasn’t

19 Oct2015
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Sun-nan-not-deadAmazing hospital blunder!  Read our recent client Liz’s incredible story…

One night Liz, 60 was told of the worst news imaginable, but was this the case?

Liz was at home in Dorset asleep, in the early hours of the morning, on 18th March 2014, when the phone rang. It was the hospital, she had been told her mum, 93 had died, and could she come down to the hospital.

Devastated Liz turned up at the hospital and spoke with the medical team who passed on their condolences.

sun-nan-not-dead-front-pageShe asked if she could come into the room and say goodbye to her. Liz was so upset and saw an old lady, dead, on a hospital bed. She was in the room for about six minutes, in floods of tears, with her dead mum.

Eventually she left the hospital and went home, she called her two daughters and they rushed around to visit their mum, where she told them the bad news.

The family sat around in stunned silence, they had lost their beloved mum and gran; they needed to plan for the funeral.

Suddenly the phone rang and Liz picked it up, it was the hospital they said that the her mum wasn’t dead, she had had a stroke and was in another ward at the same hospital.

The dead elderly lady she had sat with, was not her gran, it was someone else. The family couldn’t believe the news, and rushed into hospital to see her, this time ALIVE. She had suffered a stroke and was very unwell, but alive.

Liz says, “I know it sounds unbelievable but I was so upset and the doctor’s told me it was my dead mum and they showed me an elderly lady. I never assumed they would show me a dead person who wasn’t my mum.”

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