The tiniest baby ever!

The tiniest baby ever!
18 Mar2011
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Kylee and David had been trying for a baby for almost two years. They were told we wouldn't be able to conceive naturally, so they were booked in for IVF in five months time.

But this was 100% natural, they'd beat all the odds! They were also getting married in three months, everything was going perfectly.

The pair had their dream wedding in September 2009, but Kylee fell ill shortly afterwards, so they had to postpone their honeymoon.

The plan was to visit England to see David's relatives, but the baby seemed to have other ideas.

When Kylee started having cramps, David rushed her to hospital, but they were told everything was fine. A few days later she was still in pain, so she went back in.

Kylee was 3cm dilated and was having contractions every 15 minutes!

At only 21 weeks gone, Kylee tried to stay calm. They were only just in the time frame that the doctor's could resuscitate a premature baby.

They soon found out she had caught septicaemia. Kylee was told to treat the birth of her baby as a miscarriage, there was no way her baby could survive with her body fighting off the infection.

“Please save my baby!” Kylee begged.

But she was told it would most likely be a stillborn.

Desperate, the couple pleased with the Neonatal intensive care unit. They promised to check their baby over when it was born, and to see if there were any signs of life.

Paige was born on 3rd November 2009, but she weighed just 1lb.

She was so small her skin had turned black, but she was alive and fighting, though weak.

Kylee couldn't believe it when she saw Paige through the incubator. She was completely dwarfed by the huge wires, she couldn't believe how a baby so small could survive.

She was the size of a ballpoint pen. 

At ten days old, the doctors asked for David and Kylee's consent to turn off the life support. They knew there was a risk of Paige being disabled, but there was no way the couple could agree to turning off the switch on their daughter's life.

Paige faces many problems and surgeries, but after 42 days they were allowed to hold their baby girl for the first time.

They couldn't take her home until she was seven-months-old, and they are still ruling out various conditions and possible problems. She's a real fighter, and the second baby in the world to survive being born so early.

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