Rose West has put mum back under her wicked spell…

Rose West has put mum back under her wicked spell...
21 Feb2011
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House of Horror mass murderer Rose West is brainwashing the stepdaughter she subjected to years of sexual torment, it is claimed.

Monster Rose helped evil husband Fred rape his own child Anne Marie when she was just eight – and forced her into prostitution at 13.

But Anne Marie's daughter Michelle Davis says her mother is still under the spell of Rose, nearly 14 years after the fiend was jailed for life for the sex killings of 10 women.

Anguished Michelle says Anne Marie talks to her stepmum every week on the phone – even though it brings back the full nightmare of her childhood at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester.

And Michelle, 24, is so upset about the calls she now refuses to talk to her mum – and has vowed NOTto celebrate Mother's Day with her today.

She said: “I've bought her a card but I won't be taking it round or calling her.

“I know she'll be sitting at home on Mother's Day.

“And I bet she even says 'Happy Mother's Day' when Rose phones her.”

Michelle says depraved mother-of-eight Rose, 55, has only recently got back in touch with 45-year-old Anne Marie.

And she claims Rose BOASTS how she is addicted to watching TV documentaries about her sickening crimes, LAUGHS at the way she used to dress and JOKES about the trademark huge glasses she wore at her murder trial.

She says Anne Marie dreads the calls – but is too frightened of Rose to hang up on her.

Michelle told The People: “Ever since Mum started getting those calls, she's turned into a different person – it's like she's being brainwashed.

“My usually happy, chatty mum suddenly regresses into a timid child when she is on the phone to Rose.

“She speaks in a squeaky voice, goes very quiet with long pauses and just gives Yes and No answers.

“And when she gets off the phone she's quiet for days.”

Michelle added: “After a few drinks one night, Mum admitted she's scared of Rose and feels she has to talk to her and that there is no escape.

“It's like Rose still has this power and control over her even after all this time – and it has caused a huge rift between us.”

Anne Marie's real mother Catherine was killed by Fred before he met Rose.

The Wests also butchered Anne Marie's sisters Heather and Charmaine.

Fred was eventually charged with murdering 12 women after horrified cops found a welter of bodies buried in makeshift graves under his patio.

But he hanged himself in prison on New Year's Day 1995 before the case went to court.

Later that year, Rose was convicted of ten murders at the end of a trial which made headlines around the world – with Anne Marie one of the prosecution's star witnesses.

Rose's stepdaughter stayed in Gloucester after the hearing and tried to put the past behind her.

But she has never been able to escape the stigma of having Fred as her father.

Michelle says that's why she's so shocked the divorced mum of two is talking to Rose again.

She said: “Mum has had years to recover from what happened to her as a child – and she did seem to be getting over it.

“But she seems to have forgotten this is the same woman who sexually abused her and held her down while she was being raped.

“Why she even gives her the time of day I'll never know. It's beyond me.”

Like her mother, devastated Michelle has also suffered years of cruel taunts from strangers in the street about her deranged grandad and his wife.

And during her teens she plunged so deep into depression she began to self-harm.

Michelle said: “People thought I must be just like Rose.

“But there is a reason Rose is not in my life – she is evil.”

Michelle admitted she had sometimes feigned an interest in Rose after one of the killer's phone calls to Anne Marie.

But she recalled: “Mum says weird things like Rose has Sky TV and is addicted to true-crime documentaries about herself on the History Channel.

“And she says Rose cracks up laughing at herself because of the clothes she used to wear and how her huge white glasses with the plastic frames were so funny.

“She says she wouldn't be seen dead in them now, like she's some fashion guru. It's bizarre.”

Michelle went on: “Mum says Rose is still full of herself and has made a life for herself on the inside.

“She has a dress-making business which earns her money and she's got awhole wing in prison to herself after scaring all the other inmates away.

“She was so nasty to them all one of them even set fire to her own sheets so she'd get moved.”

Michelle added: “If Mum needed to be shown this is not someone she should still be in contact with, that should be enough for her to know.”

Michelle revealed she would scream abuse in the background if she was in the house when Rose rang from Bronzefield prison, Middlesex, and later from Low Newton jail in Durham.

And she always refused to come to the phone if Rose asked to speak to her.

Michelle said: “What does she expect me to say – I love you, granny? The woman's deluded.

“But Mum seems to have forgotten the rapes and forgotten the torture – and gone back to letting Rose punish her again.

“Maybe Rose needs to prove she hasn't lost her touch – and Mum's the perfect puppet for that.”

Michelle was not abused by Rose or by Fred and even has fond memories of “Grampy”

Fred playing hide-and-seek at Cromwell Street.

She said: “I can't put the man who killed my gran and all those women together with the sweet granddad I knew and loved.

“I can't quite accept they are the same person.

“I know all the things he did to my mum too – but that wasn't the person I knew.

“I think if I ever accepted the monster is actually my granddad I would break down for ever.”

She went on: “He's gone now and can't hurtmy mum anymore – but Rose can.

“And she is doing it again, whispering poison into her ear and making her life a misery.

“Now Mum and I aren't even speaking. Last week we walked past each other in Gloucester city centre like strangers.

“I wanted to run over, hug her and say, 'Mum, I miss you – don't do this to yourself anymore.' “But I can't let her think what she's doing is acceptable. And I want Rose out of our lives for ever.”

Incredibly, Rose still cherishes a dream of winning an appeal and being set free from jail.

But Michelle said: “If she did she'd get killed and I'd be glad.

“I just want her to keep away from my mum. I want my old mumback again – not this wreck of a woman Rose West has got her claws into again.”

Anne Marie has spoken in the past about wanting to get back in touch with Rose.

In an interview nine years ago, she said: “What have I got to forgive her for? She obviously isn't very well.”

Last night she refused to comment on her daughter's “brainwashing” claims.

But Anne Marie's partner Phil denied she was back in touch with her stepmum and insisted: “It's a fantasy.”

He added: “Anne Marie is off work with depression at the moment. She is in no fit state to talk to ANYONE.”

'She seems to have forgotten the rapes and the torture'

'Voice goes squeaky and she's a timid girl again'

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