PMT made me into a Cocaine addict

07 Aug2015
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Mum of three (aged 13, 10 and 8) always suffered with bad PMS but as she got older it got worse. She was irrational, angry and violent, even attacking her first husband.

Her weight swelled to 23 stone after her husband left her, as he had had enough of her mood swings. Michelle spoke to her doctor but they didn’t know what to do.

She didn’t know what else to do so shew decided to try cocaine to deal with her problems. It became a habit after a matter of weeks. She was spending £100’s of pounds a week on the drug, eventually amassing £20k of credit card and loan debts after spending over £30k on the drug.

She met her second husband (married in 2012) in 2009 at the height of her drug use. He stuck by here through her highs and lows. Eventually in 2011 she joined narcotics anonymous to deal with her addiction.

Then in 2013 after visiting different medical professionals, shew was diagnosed with PMDD, a severe form of PMS, which explained her mood issues.

She has now managed to lose weight and is going to get here ovaries removed next week, which will hopefully put her years of anger behind her.

She says, “I spent thousands on drugs to deal with my problems and it could have been sorted all this time.”

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