On the buses…

On the buses...
09 Dec2010
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– Tabitha Farrow, 23, was planning on catching the bus into town. When she saw which bus was at the bus stop, her heart skipped a beat – it was Jon!

– She had a boyfriend at the time, and Jon was 16 years older than her, but she still fancied him like mad.

– They went on a few dates and eventually Tabitha decided to stop sneaking around behind her boyfriends back, and left him for Jon.

– They began exploring photography together, and soon had more in common than they ever realised.

– She has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a condition that affects the joints, and Jon was so fantastic at helping her, she fell for him a little bit more.

– Eventually, the couple got married and Jon is Tabitha's full time carer – who would have known it would all start with a bus ride! 


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