My leg was like a horror movie!

My leg was like a horror movie!
10 Feb2011
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Gemma was on holiday in Egypt, visiting her mate Jamie, who lived there.


They'd visited a bar for a few drinks and had a nice evening, when on the way back Gemma caught her leg on a pane of glass resting against a tree.


“Don't worry Jamie, it's just a scratch.” Gemma said, wincing slightly in pain.


But when she looked down, the bone was sticking out of her right leg, there was blood, flesh, and skin falling off as she tried to walk.


Jamie called an ambulance straight away, but Gemma's nightmares were just beginning.


At the Egyptian hospital, Gemma was shocked to see how rundown it was. But that was the last thing she remembered, before waking up and looking down.


Her whole bottom half was soaked in blood. It was like they'd stitched her up with barbed wire!


She knew she had to get out of there, but she had no money… 


Dipping into her savings and using the whole lot, Gemma flew back to Heathrow with no bandages, crutches, not even a plaster.


She was forced to wear a skirt in the airport and not only were people hiding their eyes from the gory sight.


On arrival, her poor mum Isabelle, even fainted. A year later, she can finally walk again, after receiving proper treatment in England, but has been scarred for life.

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