Monster Paws

Monster Paws
09 Dec2010
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Susannah was ready for her glam big night out in Merthyr Tydfil. Nothing could have prepared her for those new saucy little shoes making her pretty little feet grow – and DOUBLE in size…

Susannah, 23 was delighted when she found a pair of slinky shoes reduced from 50 to 20 quid.  As she slipped on her shoes over her SOCKS and TIGHTS she knew she was in for an eventful night. When she returned to the hotel after a night on the tiles, her feet were hurting, she assumed her new shoes were rubbing against her feet.

To her horror when she took off her shoes what she saw looked like a scene from Monsters Inc. Her feet were covered in blisters the size of golf balls and filled with BLOOD and a GREEN substance.  Her friends were horrified, one wretched and another left the room. The worst was yet to come, her feet began to SMELL, and they had a long drive back to Lincolnshire. They drove with their heads out of the window like dogs on a day out. It was the first time in long time Susannah was glad she didn't have a boyfriend.

The doctor gave her antibiotics and creams but the blisters are continuing to grow. It turns out she is allergic to PVC and there were no warning signs on the box. “I am so ashamed of what's under my socks. I look like I have alien feet.”

“I can't do my job as a school escort, I can't get a shoe on. I could do it barefoot but I would give them nightmares.  I am worried the blisters could keep growing. The doctor told me not to pop them but what choice do I have? I make Shrek look like a supermodel.” she says


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