Losing weight…

Losing weight...
01 Apr2011
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Rosemary was 21 when she gave birth to Jane, her eldest daughter. She was a healthy size 16 who loved walking along the beach and taking her little girl to the park.


After two more kids, Rosemary gained a lot more weight. She ballooned up to a size 22, but still didn't think anything of it. As long as she could buy clothes on the rail in the shop, she was happy.


But as time went on, Rose found herself getting bigger and bigger. Before she knew it she was standing in front of the mirror, weighing a colossal 35 stone.


She was getting so much abuse in the streets, Rosemary started starving herself to lose the extra weight. But now she's lost over 15 stone, her excess skin hangs so low she can barely walk. Not only that, but her circulation is so bad her legs have huge open wounds that leave a trail of pus whenever she tries to move.



 “I don't buy cakes or doughnuts for myself, but in Tesco's people should abuse at me for standing in the sweets aisle. I have to feed my family, but they assume it's for me. It's embarrassing, I've tried so hard, but I look back and realise I was happier when I was bigger, and I could walk.” Rose says.


“I try to exercise but I can't actually move. I can barely fit on the bus, let alone get in the car, so now my husband does all the shopping. I wish I could afford a tummy tuck so I could lead a normal life again.”

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