I have spent £106k on plastic surgery…to look like a ken doll

I have spent £106k on plastic surgery...to look like a ken doll
04 Jun2014
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Perfectionist, Rodrigo Alves has forked out a staggering £106,000 on getting himself sculpted into a living Ken doll.

Rodrigo found FamousFeatures online and sent us his story.  One of our writers worked with Rodrigo to get his story out into the public domain and raise awareness about body dysmorphia.  We placed Rodrigo in all of the UK national newspapers, a women's magazine, and he appeared on This Morning.  We also had a lot of overseas enquiries about Rodrigo's story.

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The 30-year-old cabin crew worker has had more than 20 plastic surgery ops including three nose jobs, tricep fillers, pec implants and fake six-pack surgery to make himself look like Barbie's toy playmate.

He says: “I've always been a perfectionist so my looks are no exception. From a young age I wanted the perfect look.

“I'm so scared of getting old – if I see a line or any sign of ageing I want to fix it as soon as possible.

“Luckily for me, in this modern world there is a fix for most things so I've just taken advantage of that.

“Ken is manufactured to look perfect and I think he has the profile of the perfect man.

“Everything is in place – a nose that is symmetrical, a body that is defined, a perfect jawline and great back and biceps.

“It shows perfection, in the same way a Barbie is the perfect stereotype of a woman. What guy wouldn't like him?”

As well as surgery and twice-yearly Botox and filler top-ups, Rodrigo, from Canary Wharf, east London, maintains his plastic looks with a cocktail of daily pills.

He says: “I take collagen tablets and anti-water retention and hair growth pills. I might also use an LED machine that uses light rays to kill bacteria on my body. It rejuvenates my skin and improves its texture to keep it smooth.”

Single Rodrigo's looks get him a lot of attention when he is out and he says: “I get lots of compliments, which is really nice, but people on public transport do look at me like I'm different.

“I know I don't look natural so people will stare at me because not many other people look like me, and I accept that.

“Generally, comments are positive. Strangers have said my lips look too big but I think they've gone down a bit since I had them done.

“I think I've achieved my dream look – although sometimes I do wonder if I've taken my obsession too far.”

Those doubts spring largely from complications from his last bout of surgery which came close to threatening his life.

Brazilian-born Rodrigo says: “I was visiting a friend in Sao Paulo in January and heard about a new gel filler. So on a whim I decided to get it implanted in my shoulders, biceps and triceps.

“Two days later my body swelled up and I couldn't even lift a fork to eat my dinner. “

Tests revealed Rodrigo had developed a potentially deadly bacterial infection during the operation and he spent two weeks in hospital in agony while medical staff drained the gel from his arms and cleared the infection.

He says: “If the bacteria had reached my heart it could have killed me, which was frightening.

“It's left one of my arms a little bit smaller than the other.

“I'm a perfectionist so I'm not happy about that, but the health scare has left me scared to get it topped up.

“I've been signed off work for a month, as I still have trouble moving my arms.

“All medical procedures carry a risk and it's made me realise how much I've risked to get this body .

“I think I look great now, compared to before, and I definitely became addicted to the quick fix of surgery but aiming to reach perfection nearly cost me my life.”

Rodrigo, who is gay, grew up hating the way he looked and was desperate to change his appearance from a young age.

He says: “When I was a teenager I really lacked confidence. I was especially unhappy with my nose and was never comfortable in my own skin.

“I was too shy to smile as my small lips would disappear and my nose would spread across my face.

“Fellow pupils would tease me and tell me not to smile because my nose would spread too far.

“Even my family would make jokes, saying nobody else in the family has a nose that big.”

It was only after moving to the UK as a student in 2004 that he embarked on his quest to achieve a look like Ken's.

He says: 2I'd become interested in fashion and was wearing custom-made designer labels of tailored suits and shirts, but it wasn't enough. I wanted the body too.

“I was 20 in 2004 and my feelings about the way I looked came to a head and I decided to do something about it.”

Rodrigo booked himself in for a £7,000 op and says: “I started with a nose job because that was the thing most getting me down.

“I have UK passport but was born in Brazil so I decided to get the surgery done there so I'd be near my family.

“After the swelling had gone down I could see the results and I absolutely loved it.

“From then I was hooked. I couldn't wait to get my next procedure. I was addicted to surgery.

“I had a second nose job in October 2006, then laser liposuction the following June.

“In January 2010 I had a third nose job and chin reshaping at the same time, and in January 2011 I had calf shaping, leg liposuction, jawline liposuction and a second six-pack operation. I also had other surgery in between these.

“My family are supportive as they know I have a need to keep improving myself so they don't criticise or judge me but they think I should stop the surgery now.

“I will still get my botox and fillers and I want another nose job, but after my recent scare it's put me off for a while, but you never know.”

And he adds: “Ken is the epitome of perfection and I'm flattered people compare me to him.

“People shouldn't judge me or anyone just on their appearance, there is more to me than just how I look.”

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