24 Jul2014
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Estranged husband killed my new fella…in front of the kids

When Kemi, 27 fell asleep on her couch with her new fella, she never thought it would end in a horrific murder…

Kemi (recently changed her name by deed poll, from Kayleigh) had been married to Carlo, 35 since 2007 and had two kids together Lewis, 8 and Carlo, 5. The relationship was constantly in turmoil, and he was violent towards her.

But Kemi had two children with him and stuck by his side as he was inevitably sentenced to prison for a variety of offences.

Eventually she had enough and the pair separated, and she met a guy called Graeme Pethard, 44 and the two were slowly becoming a couple.

Then on May 4th 2012 the couple fell asleep fully clothed on the couch. Carlo (who had keys as he was baby-sitting the night before) came into the house and found them asleep.

In a jealous rage he attacked them both, Kemi got in the way of the two men, but Carlo grabbed a kitchen knife and plunged the blade through the victim's neck and into his lung, killing him.

With the knife in his hand he shouted at Kemi “look what you made me do.”

Carlo ran out of the door, just as Kemi's son Lewis walked into the room to find a dead man lying on the floor and his mum covered in blood.

Carlo went on the run but was caught a few days later. He was eventually jailed for life for murder.

However, things didn't get better for brave Kemi who stood up in court to give evidence against her husband. Her son Lewis also gave evidence against his own father.

She has moved to another part of country as she fears for her safety and her children can't stay with her in case she is attacked.

Standing up for what was right has ruined her life

“I did what I thought was right, he killed Graham and I couldn't let him get away with it.”

“Graham's death comes to me every night in my dreams”


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