Fake Middleton

Fake Middleton
02 Dec2010
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I'm giving up my job to be Kate Middleton's double: Lookalike just has to shed her Midlands accent


When they walk up to the chemist's counter, customers often gawp in disbelief.

Why, they seem to be wondering, is the woman who will one day be Queen handing them their medication?

Pharmaceutical assistant Kate Bevan was told a couple of years ago that she bore more than a passing resemblance to Kate Middleton.

But since the royal engagement announcement a fortnight ago she is constantly being mistaken for Miss Middleton.

Now, spurred on by the attention, Mrs Bevan, 21, has decided to give up her job at the chemist's in Stafford to become a professional Kate Middleton lookalike.

But first she needs to shed her distinctive West Midlands accent, so she has arranged elocution lessons to enable her to speak with Miss Middleton's upmarket tones.

Mrs Bevan, who married Nathan, 26, in May, said: ‘Since the engagement it has been unreal. Nearly everyone who comes through the pharmacy door makes a comment and gawps in total shock.

'I feel like a celebrity. I went out to buy a sandwich for my lunch and I was stopped four times by people in the street.'

As well as sharing a first name, both Mrs Bevan and 28-year-old Miss Middleton are tall and slender with strikingly similar facial features and hair. But their taste in men differs.

Mrs Bevan said: ‘My husband looks more like Harry than William. I think William is pleasant looking but he wouldn't be my type.'


Prince Charles will become the next king despite opinion polls showing that most people want him to stand aside and allow Prince William to take the throne, royal aides suggested last night.

It came after Prince William, 28, reportedly insisted that Charles should reign before him.

A royal aide told the Sunday Telegraph: ‘There is no question in William's mind that the Prince of Wales will be the next monarch. William has no desire to climb the ladder of kingship before his time.'

Courtiers told the Mail yesterday that the Royal Family is expected to maintain the status quo, meaning Charles, 62, will succeed when the Queen abdicates or dies.

One said: ‘The polls aren't going to change the way things are.'

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