Facebook Helped Me Through IVF

Facebook Helped Me Through IVF
11 Oct2010
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• In January 2009, after nine years desperately trying for a baby, Amanda started an on-line diary to chart her IVF journey.

• Amanda’s husband Ross helped her pen the diary – which is deeply moving in parts and hilarious in others, covering her emotional battles as well as her struggles with losing her modesty, ‘dry fanny’, and forcing ‘sperm-boosting’ popcorn down Ross’ throat.

• The couple posted updates to Facebook and took comfort and support from friends and strangers following their journey.

• When Amanda’s IVF failed in March 09, she signed off for the last time, promising to come back and start an adoption diary. But months later she decided she had one last go left in her – she had a ‘chat’ with her ovaries Betty and Olive, started the diary again and today is the proud mummy of baby Max. Meet mexican women on the our website

“We’d been trying for ten years and had gone through four failed IUI attempts when the IVF failed,” says Amanda.

“I really had nothing left to give. But all of a sudden I had that urge again and knew I couldn’t ignore it. With Ross’ support and the fantastic help from my online friends I knew I had it in me to give it one last go.

“I’m so glad I didn’t give up – my nephew Matthew was right – good things do come to those who wait, and Max is proof of that.”

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