eBay cheat

eBay cheat
17 Jul2014
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Man posts contents of bin to ebay cheat

DISGRUNTLED on-line shopper Matt Harris, 27 took the occasionally dirty business of on-line shopping literally in own hands, posting the entire contents of his bin to a dodgy buyer.

The engineer from Bournemouth sold an Xbox 360 games console via ebay two weeks on 3rd June 2014 ago for £100. The sale went through fine and Matt received the payment into his PayPal account.

However, the next day Matt was astonished to discover that the buyer had reported that the computer had not actually arrived, instead they claimed all they received was a box of rubbish.

Matt says, “The buyer said that the box was filled with old VHS tapes and general rubbish, which was completely false. I have been using the site for over five years and I have maintained a 100 per cent positive feedback score. I could also prove the item had been sent and delivered. It was tracked, signed for and even the weight was recorded to show it was a games machine inside.

“I reported the buyer's details to Action Fraud and sent ebay a crime number, which was ignored. So after a week of going backwards and forwards, they took the £100 back out of my account anyway.”

If that wasn't bad enough, Matt has seen that the same buyer has recently been ordering Xbox live codes and games using his account, after Matt's computer had been delivered.

Matt says, “I was furious, so I decided to get my own back. I had to take actions into my own hands, as nobody else would help me. So on Friday 20th June 2014, I decided to post him some real rubbish.

“Unfortunately I couldn't find any VHS tapes as it is no longer the 80's, but I have found plenty of rubbish to send him. My girlfriend Kerry Palfery, 24 an Insurance advisor thought it would be a great idea as well.

“I emptied the entire contents of the kitchen bin and left some cheese out in the garden to go bad for an added treat. My personal favourite was a block of frozen salmon, which given the lengthy delivery times, should be smelling excellent on arrival.

“This was of course all expertly gift wrapped to give the appearance of an anonymous present. My only upset is not being able to see the look on his face upon opening, I hope he likes it.”

Matt now feels satisfied that that he has got his own back on this rouge internet shopper, but he is concerned how easy it is to commit fraud on-line.

Matt says, “It seems you can set up a new eBay account, order any item you like let's say an expensive TV for example. Report there was no TV in the box, just 6 empty packets of crisps and a live unicorn and don't forget to say how upset you are. Your money will be returned within a week and the TV is yours without even leaving the house to steal it in person.

“For me this is nothing short of annoying however I'm sure there are families and individuals that turn to selling household items on eBay. Perhaps to assist with financial troubles and are left seriously out of pocket with not a single thing they can do about it.”

Matt wouldn't say the exact address, but if you are in the Potters Bar area, keep an eye out for any unexpected deliveries.

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