Britain's Youngest Mum

Britain's Youngest Mum
01 Apr2011
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  • Amy Crowhurst gave birth in 2003 aged just 12, making headlines as Britain's Youngest Mum. She seemed to cope as a mother, with the help of her own mum Rose, but when she left home and had another baby aged 16, life began to fall apart.
  • She was convicted of growing cannabis and then evicted from her council house, meaning Amy and the kids had to live in a hostel for six month, and she almost lost them after receiving letters from social services about her behaviour.
  • But now, after years of struggling, Amy, 21, had returned home to her mum's house, determined to turn life around.
  • This year it will be Rose and Amy's first Mother's day together in over five years, and they couldn't be happier to spend the day together.
Rose says, “She wanted to stick it out on her own at first, but it was time I helped pick up the pieces. I'm a single mum myself and I know it's not easy. Amy's pals played with barbies whilst she was dealing with morning sickness.”
“I was secretly chuffed when I found out Amy was moving back home, she has accepted she needs my help and I feel like my daughter is happy for the first time in years.”
Amy says, “Mum and I feel like equals. I'm lucky to have her, I needed her more than I realised and it must have been hard for her to watch, but if she stepped in it would have driven me away for good. I was stupid to get pregnant so young, but I intend to make a real go of things now.” 

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