Abused by my Doctor

Abused by my Doctor
19 Jun2014
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For Lisa Jay, 38 from Pembrokeshire a trip with a friend to a doctor’s appointment led to a horrific sexual assault and years of psychological damage…

Lisa would do anything to help her family friend Dave, 75. He had been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis for long time. So she was more than happy to accompany him to an alternative doctor’s appointment on April 16th 2011, what was the worst that could happen?

Her partner of six years Tyler Davies, 27 and father to one her children encouraged her to go to keep Dave company.

Dave had tried numerous other treatments and was interested in the Ozone therapy offered from the surgery, which he found advertised in the back of a magazine called Nexus.

They went to a nicely decorated bungalow, in a cul-de-sac in the quiet Wales village of Cwnduad near Camerthen and were ushered into a treatment room by the doctor’s wife Leila,36.

Mum of two Ffion, 6 and Jamie 11, says

“The room had a treatment couch, diagrams of the body and skeletons on the wall. It had the feel of a GP surgery. Dr Gill introduced himself and said he was a qualified doctor but was now interested in Ozone therapy.”

However, this was not the case, Reginald Gill, 78 had been a doctor during the war, but he had never had any medical training.

But this sham doctor didn’t just want to sell his customers useless lotions and potions, he had a much sicker scheme in his mind.

Lisa says,

“The session started quite normally, Dr Gill tested Dave’s blood pressure, checked his eyes and carried out reflex tests.

“Then he sent Dave into the next room with Leila to detox his feet in the bathroom.”

This is when a routine appointment turned much more sinister.

Lisa says,

“I was left alone with Mr Gill. He was staring at me and I felt a bit uncomfortable.

“Then he held his arms in front of me and was moving it up and down my midriff. He was making odd noises and looking concerned.

“He asked how many children I had. I told him I had two kids.

“Then he told me I had big problems.”

Like most people when confronted by a negative diagnosis by a doctor, Lisa began to panic.

He calmly asked Lisa to take her clothes off and lie on the treatment table.

Lisa says

“I was so shocked that there might be some bad news that I stripped my clothes off. Then he said I needed to take my bra off, which I did.

“I think he could sense I felt a bit uncomfortable so he repeated what he had said earlier, that I had big problems.”

Reginald began to examine Lisa’s breasts and stomach, in a way she had been examined previously by medical staff.

Then he wheeled a strange looking machine beside the treatment table and plugged it into the mains.

Lisa says

“He pulled a Perspex tube from the machine and moved in over my bare skin and was making strange breathing noises.

“He told me as he moved it over my skin the colour in the tube changed and it would spark to indicate positive or negative cell function.

“Then he began to rub Iodine into my nipples and told me I was deficient in that trace element.

After fifteen minutes intimately examining Lisa, Mr Gill gave his diagnosis, which shocked Lisa to her core.

Lisa says

“He looked me straight in the eye and told me I had cancer. He said it had started in my vagina which was a breeding ground of cancer cells, and migrated to my breast and then larynx.

“He said that was the reason I had such a croaky voice.

“Then he said the words nobody wants to hear, he told me, it’s terminal.”

Lisa had come in to her friend’s appointment and now she was told she was dying. Nobody could have expected this to happen and with Lisa in a complete state of shock and terror, Reginald Gill took his chance.

Lisa says

“He told me that the strange machine could treat the cancer and that he could start it now. I agreed as I was desperate.

“My mother Margaret, 58 had died of cancer waiting for treatment she never received.

“If I had cancer I wanted to be able to go home and tell my family I was already getting treatment. He threw me a lifeline.”

Suddenly Dave and Leila came back into of the treatment room and Lisa told Dave about the horrific diagnosis from Dr Gill.

In floods of tears she told Dave they could treat it and Dave wasn’t sure what advice to give.

As if Reginald could sense that they were beginning to become suspicious, he ushered Dave to the other side of the house.

Leila made Lisa a wheatgrass drink to calm her down and persuaded her to lie back on the treatment table.

Lisa says,

“My head was in a spin, but having Mr Gill’s wife in the room made me feel reassured it was ok.

“I lay on the treatment table with my knees up and he put his fingers in my private parts. Then he reached for a similar Perspex tube as before, but this one was much bigger.”

“He turned it on at the plug and forced it into my vagina. It delivered the worst pain I had ever felt. It felt like intense pins and needles inside me all the way up to my belly button.

“He told me it would kill the cancer cells and it was bound to hurt.

“It felt like it went on forever but I think it was about twenty minutes.

During the time the tube was inserted Reginald asked Leila help him to massage Lisa’s breasts, with a special blend of oils.

“He massaged my breasts with oils using the part of the machine he initially used for diagnosis.

“He turned to Leila and asked her assist him rubs oils all over my breasts.

“When I tensed up and felt awkward he kept reminding me of the cancer.

“I kept looking at them both and his breathing became different and I felt he was too close to me.

“I thought Leila might say something to calm me down, but she just looked at Reginald and said I had lovely hair.”

Suddenly they both stopped and Reginald told Leila to wash up.

Dave and Lisa then went into the kitchen to PAY for the treatment. Dave paid £380 in total for both of their treatments. Lisa had no money as she was not planning on any of this.

He told the Lisa that he had pulled out a probe during the session and he could smell ozone, which was a good sign the cancer could heal. He felt he had killed some of the cancerous cells, but Lisa should stay behind for more work and let Dave go home.

Lisa says,

“I felt so numb, so we left. I just had to get out.

“When Dave dropped me at home I couldn’t speak I was very upset. It was late by the time I got back as he had kept us there for hours.

“Tyler knew there was something wrong, so he got the kids to bed, made a cup of tea and I told him about the diagnosed.

“I didn’t mention the treatment, as I was in total shock and couldn’t handle telling him about that.”

“He was in tears and stayed up all night, talking about the funeral, and how he was going to look after the children when I was gone.”

First thing in the morning the couple made an emergency appointment at their local GP for a second opinion.

The doctor was totally shocked at what Lisa told him. He said it was impossible to diagnose cancer that quickly without numerous tests.

He made an examination and couldn’t feel a sign of cancer anywhere in her body. The doctor took emergency blood samples, which of course came back negative.

Lisa says

“When I got home I looked online at ozone machines but couldn’t find anything like the contraption Mr Gill had.

“Then I looked up their names on the internet and my world fell apart.

“Mr Gill had been to prison before, for treating cancer with the same machine. He told a man to stop chemotherapy and he died soon after.”

Lisa was right Gill already had a conviction for indecent assault going back to 1975.

He was also convicted and jailed in 2004 for a Trade Descriptions Act offence in which he persuaded a real cancer victim to cease conventional treatment.

Lisa says

“It was obvious then that I was the victim of a fraud. If I didn’t tell the police someone else might fall victim.

“I walked downstairs and told Tyler the whole truth.

“He was so angry and couldn’t believe what had happened to me.”

The next day the couple went to the local police to report the crime

It became apparent that another woman had also approached the police with a similar story.

Lisa says,

“I wasn’t surprised that he had done this to other women. I bet there are lots of other women who are too ashamed or frightened to come forward.”

The case was supposed to go to trial in December 2011 but it wasn’t until February 2012 that he was eventually sentenced, as he claimed ill health on a number of occasions.

Lisa gave her evidence via video link as she was so traumatised.

Eventually Reginald Gill was found guilty of three sexual assaults, six assaults by penetration and two counts of fraud.

He was given eight years and his young wife was given six months after being convicted of sexual assault and fraud.

Judge Thomas told Gill he had subjected his victims to ‘humiliating abuse for your own purposes’. He then went on to ‘deliberately misdiagnose’ his victims who were left traumatised by what they were told.

But Lisa’s ordeal did not end with the sentencing, it had barely begun.

Lisa says,

“Reginald Gill was the last person to touch me intimately. Ever since the attack I have completely lost my sex drive.

“Before the attack I had a very active sex life, but he has ruined everything. When Tyler touches me all I can see is his and his wife’s face.

“I just don’t have the urge anymore I feel like he has taken away my womanhood. I only want to have sex desire again to meet Tyler’s needs.”

In May 2012 Lisa was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. She has had sessions with a psychologist and is about to attend psycho-sexual counselling.

But it isn’t only Lisa who has been affected by the twisted couple’s depraved desires.

Tearful partner Tyler says

“Ever since I met Lisa I knew she was the one for me, she is my best friend and my soul mate.

“Now I have found the one, I wouldn’t give her up. But I have admit it has been hard for me. It has put a real strain on our relationship.

“I do feel frustrated but we try and talk through our emotions.

“We are on a much deeper level than sex and when I think about what he did to her my blood boils.

“When Lisa first told me she had cancer I felt the world crash around me.

“Then my happiness at finding out she didn’t have cancer was replaced within seconds with intense anger.”

For Lisa she feels as though she has been given a life sentence of torment after what they did to her.

“I don’t feel as if eight years was enough of a sentence, as I don’t know if the psychological damage caused by what he did is going to last a lifetime.

“I would happily never have sex again but I can’t let those two perverts defeat me. I need to regain my sexual confidence from my ordeal. I know Tyler had his best sex ever with me before my assault took place and I want to get feeling back for him.

“I want us to be a fully functioning normal family again, but I know it could take a lot longer than his prison term.”


If, like Lisa, you would like to share a story or experience please fill in the form.  You can also find out why it is important to highlight such tragic issues on the Why Sell My Story page. 

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