A corpse bobbed up and down IN THE BLOOD

A corpse bobbed up and down IN THE BLOOD
31 Jan2011
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Ellen Barnes, her partner Gary Light, and their two children decided to take a holiday to Egypt to help Ellen overcome her postnatal depression.


They were all enjoying themselves in the sea, snorkelling, playing the sand, it was the holiday of a life time. 


It was nearing the last few days of the holiday, and Ellen felt like a completely new woman.


It was Gary's idea to go to Sharm-el-Sheik, and it had definitely done the trick!


The beach had been shut for a few days, due to a shark spotting, but it was finally open and Ellen was determined to make the most of the end of her vacation.


The couple decided to buy an underwater camera so they could take some pictures of the marine life as they snorkelled in the crystal waters. Schools of fish swam past, it was like another world.


Suddenly, the fish began to dart about, it was almost like they were panicking. Confused, Ellen lifted up her mask and stared at the beach.


“GET OUT OF THE WATER!” A voice screeched at all the paddlers. Ellen could see Gary on the shore, clutching little Eden, their baby.


It didn't take long to register that there was danger, but the blood curdling scream behind me made my heart pound even faster. 




I knew what it was.


Turning around, I saw a woman struggle and then disappear beneath the choppy water. I was about to reach out, but a huge grey shark suddenly shot out of the water, clamping its jaws around the woman's body.


It shook her like a dog would shake a toy.


I wanted to help her but I knew I was no match for a shark, the water had turned red with blood around me and I was frozen with fear.


I had to get away, I had my children and Gary on the beach!


Using all my strength, I swam as fast as I could back to shore and ran straight into Gary's arms.


I couldn't believe what had happened. That poor lady in sea, all I could hear were her screams and picture her corpse in my mind.


Thank god my five-year-old Grace hadn't seen what happened, but I knew people would soon arrive to take her body and clear the beach.


We quickly went back to the hotel and got a coach to take us straight to the airport, warning families as we went.


The poor lady was a 70-year-old from Germany, on a holiday with her family. I'll never forget what it was like to see her in the water, right before my eyes.


My paradise holiday was suddenly turned upside down. My postnatal depression has gone, but the memories will always haunt me, and I'll never take anything for granted again.

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