There’s a pup in our office, what are we going to do?

19 Apr2011
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By Sally Windsor, Famous Features Editor.

Generally when I’ve got my heart and mind fixed on an idea, I find it near impossible to forget about it.

So, shortly after my daughter’s third birthday earlier this year, when I started to think about how great it would be to have a dog at home, I couldn’t put it to the back of my mind.

And of course, I weighed up the pros and cons. For a long time, the cons stopped me from taking the plunge. But after lots of research on different breeds, talking to breeders and owners and working out how I could tailor a pup’s needs into my daily routine – I got my daughter into the back of the car and surprised her.

‘Shall we go and get our puppy today?’ I asked her. She squealed with delight.

So after deliberating over three gorgeous litters of puppies, we chose a small Bichon Frise X Shi-Tzu, only ten weeks old.

We got him home, and named him Ralph. Then, the real fun began.

So, he’s three months old now, chews everything, and sometimes still poos in places he shouldn’t, but Kiddo and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are spending more time laughing and joking on walks, looking after him and watching him play, that it’s bought a whole new dimension to our lives, and so much joy.

Being a single mum, and broody as can be – it also satisfied an urge in me to look after a new little person. Ralph has become like the baby of the house, and we love him dearly.

So, what’s the problem you might ask?

Well, nothing to speak of here. It’s just everyone else with the problem.

So far, I’ve been thrown out of two parks, abused by an old man on the street for Ralph doing a poo and me not clearing it up (he didn’t), Ralph accidentally doing a little whoopsie in a colleagues office, (they called him in, but all hell broke loose when they got him over excited), and let’s say the odd indiscretion in the Famous Features office.

Oh, and did I mention those sharp little teeth that nipped my daughter’s dad quite badly? Now, my tiny puppy, who’s learning new things every day no different to a new-born is being labelled a ‘devil-dog’.

What’s all that about?

I’m not phased by his teething troubles; goodness knows I did a good job with my daughter, but why are people so offended by our pets?

Ralph is the sweetest, most gentle and lovely little thing in the world. Everyone who sees him can’t wait to get down and stroke his fluffy baby fur. So why are they so quick to want to get him away from them when he does what ‘babies do’?

Dog-owners of the world – what do you think?

Here at Famous Features, we see hundreds of tall tales about talented pets, whether it be life-saving dogs and pampered pooches, or parrots that can sing Britney Spears songs.

If like me, you love your pet and want to shout about their story, get in touch with us now. I can’t wait to see some of your photos – and don’t forget to give me your puppy training tips too!


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