Story Requests from the National Press: 16/12/09

16 Dec2009
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Below you will find today’s story requests from the national press. 

Visit to sell a story, or get paid to be a case study in one of the requests below.



Story Wanted: A funny baby story.

Media outlet: Women’s Glossy Magazine.

More info:  We are looking for a funny baby story – it can be along any line, just anything that will make our readers laugh!

Special criteria: It must be told by a mum between 18 and 35.


Story / Person Wanted: I\’m looking for a case study about little kids who do grown up jobs

Media outlet: Women’s glossy magazine

More info: We are working on a feature about children who have grown up jobs. They could be olympic swimmers, mini-ice dancers, little DJs, budding entrepreneurs. Anything along those lines would be great!

Story / person criteria: Story must come from mum (ideally aged 18-35)


Story / Person Wanted: We are looking for girls who have a saucy job and were caught out by their man 

Media outlet: Women’s glossy magazine

More info: I\’m working on a feature about girls with secret sexy jobs who\’ve been caught out by their man.

You could be a stripper, a raunchy glamour model or even a flirty chat line worker.  But your man must have uncovered your naughty job.

Applicants MUST be married and able to provide a marriage certificate and wedding collect.

Story / person criteria: Age range is 18-35.


Story / Person Wanted: A British air hostess, or former air hostess, who can describe a typical “day in the life”

Media outlet: Broadsheet Newspaper.

More info: We want to describe the minutiae of a day in the life of an air hostess, the highs and lows and why it is such a stressful job. It is for tomorrow’s paper, so we need to hear from them asap. Thanks.


Story / Person Wanted: I am looking for a transsexual ( who went from a man to a woman)

Media outlet: Glossy women’s magazine

More info: We are looking for a transsexual who felt they were trapped in the wrong body from a very young age. They will have gone from being a man to a woman.

Story / person criteria: They need to be aged between 18 and 35

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