Magazine Story Request: 18/11/2009

18 Nov2009
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Today’s Story Request from the National Magazines and Newspapers.  If you fit this profile, or know somebody else who fits this profile, please let us know at:



Story / Case Study Request: Looking to Interview a Sex Worker or Former Sex Worker.

Media Outlet: Women’s Magazine.

Newspaper / Magazine Article Info: We are searching for a case study of either a woman who is working as a prostitute at the moment (preferable) or a woman who used to work as one and is willing to talk about their experiences. We want to show the real side of prostitution, so not someone who is just going to say that she loves working as a high class escort and it takes her all over the world etc, but someone who probably does it out of necessity, and can speak truthfully about the profession without “glossing it up.”

Case Study Criteria: Female, aged ideally 18-39. Deadline is asap this week. Case study would need to be photographed.

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