I had a child at 49 with a toyboy and we might have another

I had a child at 49 with a toyboy and we might have another
19 Jun2014
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When Carrie, 49 went on a holiday to Spain, she met a guy by the pool and fell in love, but her family were not so sure…

Carrie had been married before for to a man 12 years older than herself and they had a child in 1995, Sophie (now 17) and separated in 2009.

After being single for almost two years and she decided to go on holiday to Spain in August 2011 by herself.  

She had no intention of finding a man, but that’s what she did.

One day she sat by the pool and noticed a guy sitting alone, they made eye contact and he came over to talk to her. He introduced himself as Nico and he was 18 YEARS younger than him.

Carrie was British bodybuilding champion in 1987, when Nico was only SIX years old!

But they instantly clicked and spent the rest of the holiday together. They spent a fabulous week together.

When Carrie got home to Leeds she spoke to Nico every  day for SIX hours at a time and she missed him so much moved back to Spain to be with him.

Nico was working as a handyman and they lived together September 2011 until May 2012.

They even planned to have a child and were over joyed when she  pregnant in April 2012. So they decided to move back to Leeds in the UK

Sadly Carrie’s family was not as over joyed at she was at Nico’s arrival in the UK.  Close family members called him her “Romanian boy” and “Eastern European toy boy after money and passport.” “Why he was with an older woman? Maybe he was after her money?”

But Carrie admits she has no money and Romanian’s are free to work in the UK, so Nico has no reason to use her.  The simple fact is he is deeply in love with her.

The only family member who stuck by her was her daughter Sophie, who supported them all they way.

But the couple didn’t care what people thought and planned to have a child and she fell pregnant in April 2012 and gave birth to her daughter Livvy on 27th December.

They are even thinking about having another child!

Now the family has come around to Nico since the birth of their child and are beginning to warm to him.

 “My friends said he was after a green card, but Romanian’s are allowed in the UK anyway. He is here because he loves me.”

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