Earn Cash: We are looking for these stories right now… 11/01/2010

11 Jan2010
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Gat paid to feature in any of these magazine & newspaper articles, or send us a different story idea.

Visit www.FamousFeatures.co.uk to let us know if you are interested.



Person or Story Wanted: A young woman who’s looking after her siblings.

Where the story will appear: Sunday Newspaper Story.

More info: We’re urgently searching for a young woman who is now caring for her siblings after her parents have died or are otherwise unable to look after them.

Criteria: Must have been granted custody of her siblings and allow them to be named and pictured. Ideally aged 18-25.


Person or Story Wanted: Obesity related case studies.

Where the story will appear: Women’s Magazine Story.

More info: We are working on a feature about obesity and how the problem is spreading into funerals – bigger coffins / larger burial plots etc. We need to speak to anybody who’s buried a relative that was largely overweight and how the funeral was affected by their size.

Alternatively, I would like to speak to anyone who’s severely overweight and worried about the problems their size could cause to a funeral and the affect this could have on their family.  Bit of an odd request I know! But if anyone has any obesity related stories at all, we’d be interested in taking a look at them.


Person or Story Wanted: Teen boy who has Botox injections.

Where the story will appear: Daily Newspaper story.


Person or Story Wanted: Sex and the City lookalikes.

Where the story will appear: Woman’s Magazine Article.

More info: We are looking for lookalikes of Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha from the show, Sex and the City. It would be great if they had a story but the looks are obviously more important for this feature.


Person or Story Wanted: Valentines Stories.

Where the story will appear: Women’s Magazine Story.

More info: Looking for any really romantic proposal stories for a Valentines day feature.

Criteria: Case studies must be between the ages of 18 and 35.


Person or Story Wanted: A mum who’s child took part in the strangling game with friends and hurt themselves.

Where the story will appear: Women’s magazine story.

More info: There is a new internet craze, which shows teenagers strangling each other in order to give themselves a high. We are looking for a case study of a mum who’s daughter took part in this and really hurt themselves.

Criteria: The mum must be aged between 18 and 35.

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