Daily Story Request Update 12/10/2009

12 Oct2009
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If you want to make money from selling a story to a magazine or newspaper, or appearing in the national press as a case study, simply read the latest story requests below and visit www.FamousFeatures.co.uk if you fit any of the profiles. 

Even if you don’t fit the profile, we can pay you if you refer someone who does (don’t forget, we are always on the lookout for all kinds of stories, so if you’re not sure just send your story through and we’ll let you know how much it is worth).  


CASE STUDY WANTED: A girl who has suffered a heart attack from using cocaine.

Media outlet: Sunday Newspaper.

More info: We are looking to talk to a girl who has suffered a heart attack as a result of taking cocaine.


CASE STUDY WANTED: Women who have overcome dyslexia or illness to make a success of their lives.

Media outlet: Monthly Glossy Magazine.

Story info: We are writing a feature about women who have overcome severe personal difficulties to make a successof their lives. We are particularly interested in women who have suffered with dyslexia or who have had to battle an underlying healthproblem. On both occasions, they could so easily have been `written off` .

Special criteria: Women in their thirties and forties.

STORY WANTED: Anyone who\’s had a miracle recovery after visiting a shrine.
Media outlet: Weekly glossy magazine.
Story info: We are working on a feature about people’s fascination with
shrines and relics. Ideally we are looking for a case study of a mum whose
child was ill and believes visiting a shrine cured them.  Alternatively they could have experienced an illness or problem themselves and found a shrine has helped them.

STORY WANTED: Woman who was jilted before her wedding.
Story info: We are looking for women who were jilted by their fiances
before their wedding. We don’t mind if they’re still bitter about it or if
they feel, in retrospect, it was the best thing that could have happened to
them. We want to hear about how all the arrangements had been made, dress bought, invites sent out etc…how they felt at the time…how they feel about it now looking back.

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