Dad came back from the dead!

Dad came back from the dead!
18 Mar2011
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Jade and her dad, Derrick, were driving in his car when he cranked up the volume on his radio. 

Oh no, he's headbanging to Metallica! Jade cringed to herself.

Her parents split up when Jade was just a year old, but her Dad popped round every night and took her out on the weekends.

When she was 11, Derrick had a bad asthma attack and was rushed into hospital. Everyone told me he would be fine, and thank goodness, he was.

As she grew up, Derrick would take jade to the garage where he worked as a mechanic and taught her all about cars. Jade couldn't imagine life without him.

But two years ago, on 17th October, her mum burst into her room, crying, and holding out the phone.

It was her nan, and Jade knew what she was going to say. 

Derrick had died from an asthma attack.

“But I didn't even get to say goodbye!”

The funeral on November the 4th was a blur. Jade laid in bed for two days afterwards, when she heard a bang on the front door.

A cold gust of wind hit her as she opened the front door. “Da…”

But of course it wasn't her dad. She started to cry, but after that, even more strange things started to happen.

Flicking through one of her dad's mechanic books, suddenly Jade's head jolted back, as though someone was tugging her ponytail.

Only one person used to do that… and there was no one else around. Dad?

Soon after, her friend Rob emailed Jade a link to a new Metallica song.

“It's rubbish!” She said. But suddenly a treasured photo of her Dad flew across the room.

Slightly shaken, Jade lit a candle.

“If it's you dad… blow out this candle.”

Poof! And out went the flame.

“I'm sorry I didn't get to say goodbye, Dad, I love you.”


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