But I'm a virgin!

But I'm a virgin!
01 Apr2011
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Claire was a bubbly 14 year old girl, who had just started getting an interest in boys. Although other girls had, she'd yet to have her first kiss and hadn't gone out on a date, but it was all her friends could talk about.


An active and fit girl, Claire was always very skinny, and didn't take any notice of changes to her body. So when her stomach started to swell, she blamed it on being bloated. When she began getting stomach cramps, she blamed it on her period. When she told her doctor, he blamed it on being pregnant!


Her parents were confused and it became a scandal amongst the pupils in her catholic school. Claire's stomach was growing bigger by the day and no one would believe that she was a virgin. One boy even declared it was his child!


Claire's mum soon realised that her daughter's stomach wasn't natural, and took her to the hospital. Nine months and a C section later, and Claire's nurse delivered a cyst the size of a football! 


My mum, best friends, and even the teachers at school thought I was pregnant. Nothing I could say could make them believe I was a virgin. At one point my family thought I may have been attacked in my sleep or something.” Claire says.


Claire's mum, Marie says “When the doctor told us Claire was pregnant I went into a state of shock… he sent her out of the room, looked me in the eye, and said 'your daughter is twenty eight weeks pregnant'. He was our family doctor who we'd had for years, I didn't want to believe it but after all these years I trusted him. I knew Claire hadn't been with any boys and we had such an incredibly close and honest relationship, so I immediately thought the worst – had she been raped or attacked and not told me?”

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