Body like J-Lo

Body like J-Lo
17 Jul2014
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My cleaner mum spent £8k on my plastic surgery aged 14-18…so I could have a body like J-Lo

When Karen Lopez,20 from South London was 14 she demanded a nose job, as she wanted to look like her idol, her mum agreed and it was the start of a radical transformation…

“Mum I hate my nose,” I said as I came home from school one day when I was 14.

“You have a beautiful nose, you have nothing to worry about,” my mum Leslie, 43 replied.

“I don't feel confident, I hate myself when I look in the mirror,” I said.

“But it is what is inside that matters,” she said.

“I know that but I want the outside to look good so I feel good inside.” I said.

“well what can we do to sort this out?” she said.

“I want a nose job,” I blurted out.

My mum was taken aback. I was only 14 and I wanted to get expensive and invasive plastic surgery.

She didn't look keen on the idea to begin with. To start with she is just a cleaner and doesn't get paid mega-bucks or even average-bucks.

I wanted to look like my idol Jennifer Lopez. We even shared the same surname, as my mum is originally from Columbia, but had lived in England for many years.

I thought my nose was too wide and kids called me “big nose.”

But it wasn't just my nose I wanted to change I wanted the Jennifer Lopez body with all her sexy curves.

However, first things first, I needed to sort out my nose.

After a few days, my mum came into the front room on morning and said

“Ok I will get you a nose job.”

I was over the moon

“But how will you pay for it? I asked.

“I will have to do a lot more cleaning that's for sure.” She said.

We booked in to the surgery and paid £2,700 for the surgery. After the bruising went down I felt great, I looked great.

People said I looked different but couldn't quite put a finger on it.

Then a few weeks after the initial excitement wore off, I realised I wasn't happy I wanted more. A lot more.

A few weeks before my 15th birthday my mum asked me what presents I wanted. She was shocked when I said I wanted a boob job!

I wanted to go from a 32AA to a 34C. I found a surgery back in Columbia that could do it for two thousand pounds.

Again mum dug deep and managed to gather enough money to fund the flight and the surgery. It was a lot cheaper than the UK where it would cost over five thousand maybe more.

They also have more lax laws to allow younger girls to get surgery. In the UK you need to be 18 for cosmetic surgery.

It is perfectly normal for teens to get boob jobs in Columbia, there is no issue about it at all.

I was skinny and I wanted to look grown-up and I didn't think my boobs would ever grow naturally.

I loved the results. I felt like a woman.

Next she begged her mum, a full-time cleaner, for a boob job. Again Sandra agreed and on her 15th birthday she went for the surgery, taking her from a 32A to a 34C.

Now I had the nose and the breasts of Jennifer Lopez, but now I needed the BUM!

I was trying to eat to gain more weight but it went in the wrong places and my bum was still flat.

When I met with the surgeon in Columbia he told me they could also give me lipo and a bum implant for another two thousand pounds. It was music to my ears.

The doctors transferred fat from my stomach to my bum, giving me the booty I always dreamed of. I now had the full J-Lo treatment. It hadn't been cheap but it was worth it.

I was in a lot of pain after the surgery. I was in so much pain, but after a few weeks, I started to feel better and then the bandages came off it was the best feeling.

I felt so sexy and started to show if off wearing tight dresses that showed of my curves

I also got twenty injections in my bum to enhance it. It cost five hundred quid and it is quite risky but it was worth it. I was 16 and had had FOUR bouts of cosmetic surgery.

But there was one more cosmetic surgery I needed to finally complete the look. When I was 19 I had my fifth and final cosmetic surgery, laser eye treatment costing £700. I was now south London's answer to Jennifer Lopez.

Four years on from that transplant I am happy with my body, but I would have lipo again if I gained more weight.

I really don't think I have suffered any psychological effects from having surgery so young. If anything it has made me happier and more confident in myself.

I know work in a clothes shop, and I still live with my mum. She had given me so much so it is right I look after her now.

My life has changed know when I go out I get so much male attention. Loads of guys approach me and say I look just like their dream girl…Jennifer Lopez. However, I am still single I am waiting for Mr Right.

I look and feel great, I have the body I have always wanted and I now look like my idol. I couldn't be happier.

I guess I was quite young to get all the surgery, but I don't care. I think it was money well spent.


Mum Leslie says I always want my daughter to look her best and when she asked for the surgery I didn't think twice. I work all the hours I can to give my daughter the best chance in life. Now she looks so good she could easily be a model herself.

When a girl is 14 she is a woman, and she can decide what she wants to do with her body.


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