What’s my story worth?

How much will I earn if I sell my story?

Famous features is here to help you convert your real life story into hard cash today.

We auction your story to the highest bidder, which is why you are guaranteed to get the most cash for your story.

As in any auction, the highest bid will depend on how much demand there is for your story. Our experienced staff will provide you with an estimate of how much your real-life story is worth, and if you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll keep you informed of which publication wants to buy your story, and how much for. You decide if you wish to go ahead, and which offer to accept.



  • As an independent group of writers we’re not tied to a particular magazine or newspaper which means we can get YOU the best possible deal.
  • As a basic ball park figure you can expect £50 or more to appear as a case study, up to £500 for a one-page magazine story and in excess of £2,000 for a two page story. But, truthfully your fee can be anything upwards of that – up to £10,000 has been paid for the most extraordinary stories.
  • In addition, there’s often scope for placing your story in more that one publication; for example a national newspaper as well as a women’s magazine… maybe even a TV programme. If that’s the case then we’ll make it happen, helping you get the exposure or money you rightly deserve. Famous
  • Features are an agency, so we can represent you to ensure that you get the maximum press exposure possible.
  • Most importantly, we don’t take any cut or commission from your story – our service is entirely free. We are paid a seperate finders fee, which is why we are constantly on the lookout for stories.



In order to get you the most money when you want to Sell a Story to the Press, FamousFeatures will auction your story to all of the National Magazines and Newspapers. We let you know how much each publication has bid for your story so you can choose which deal you want to take.
We have a daily story auction, meaning that all of the National Magazines and Newspapers bid for our stories each day. We will achieve the highest possible price for your story – which is cash that will end up in your back pocket.
We know all of the Magazine and Newspaper Editors personally, so we can ensure that your story is told exactly how you want it to be.



We normally pay via direct bank transfer (BACS payment), but we can pay you via cheque or even using cash in exceptional circumstances.
Payment is usually processed upon publication of your story, which normally takes six weeks depending on the publisher.



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