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08 Mar2016
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Sell a tip-off to a newspaper

FamousFeatures will pay you for tip-offs and information as long as it can be backed up.  We guarantee to pay you the highest fees and our service is free to use.  Here’s our latest tip-off that resulted in the following news story this week:

Labour MP probed by cops for ‘yanking aide’s hair after discovering she was lesbian’

Mum needed five weeks off work to get over the shock and pain of the alleged assault

A LABOUR MP is being probed by police for yanking the hair of a female aide.

Carolyn Harris, 55, is said to have grabbed Jenny Lee Clarke who says the politician bullied her after discovering the mum-of-one is a lesbian.

Jenny, 39, says she needed five weeks off work to get over the shock and pain of the alleged assault.

She said: “It was horrible — she kept pulling and pulling, I think my sexuality is the main reason for the attack.”

Witness and Labour councillor Paulette Smith, 66, said: “I heard a blood-curdling scream. I saw Carolyn pulling her hair. I thought she’d gone mad.”

Jenny claims she was promised a job for keeping quiet about the incident, which happened in November 2014, before Ms Harris won Swansea East in 2015.

But Jenny, of Swansea, said: “She embarrassed me in the office by saying I was wearing dyke shoes.


If you have a story to sell to the national press, simply fill out our story valuation form now.  Nothing will ever be used without your permission, there is no obligation, and our service is free.  To find out more about how to sell a story to the press, click here.


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